Q: I can't find where to place the key code. I can't see any Register button. Can you help me?

A: To find the window and paste your key code, please take the following steps:

1) Open your DePopper. Click the OK button (or use the key ENTER) if the expiration screen pops-up, to enter the program. These steps assume you have the main DePopper screen open on your Windows desktop (the screen which has these buttons: Start/Register, Quit, Cancel and Help).

2) If your DePopper has expired, your DePopper main screen will have a "Register" button instead of the "OK" button. You can use the "Register" button. If your DePopper hasn't expired, use Alt-Space (press the left key Alt, hold it, press the space bar, release the space bar, release the Alt key) to have access to the system menu, that appears on the top left corner of the DePopper main screen. In the system menu, choose "About DePopper". A small dialog box will pop-up, with a "Register" button. Click on it and you will get the registration window.

3) Use Copy/Paste (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V) to enter your key code into the blank field exactly as you received it, all letters uppercase, no line breaks and no spaces. Your key code has no numbers, only letters.

4) You will get the message "Thank you for registering". If not, contact us again, so we can help you.

5) Quit DePopper. When you start the program again, it should work fine.

If you don't get the final message with the text "Thank you for registering", please contact us at software@droidinfo.com, in order we can help you more. If you are visually disabled, don't forget to inform us too.

E-Mail: software@droidinfo.com (main server)
E-Mail: software@droidinfo.com.br (second server)

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