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However, if you are using 64 bits Windows Vista/7/8/10, 64 bits version of DePopper can be up to 38% faster².
To install DePopper x64, download and install this file:
If you have a Windows x64 computer, you can install both versions independently, if you want. They are completely separate.
¹Always download and install the first version (32 bits) if your audio files require 32 bits versions of third-party DirectShow decoders to be properly decoded. For example, if you have flac files and your computer only has 32 bits versions of DirectShow flac decoders, install the first version even if your Windows is 64 bits. If you are not sure, download the first (32 bits) version.
DePopper Version 4 Parallel Processing WAV File Size (MB) Proc Time (s) Speed (MB/s)
64 bits enabled 44.44 24 1.85
32 bits enabled 44.44 33 1.35
64 bits disabled 44.44 68 0.65
32 bits disabled 44.44 94 0.47
* Computer AMD Phenom Quad-Core 2.5 GHz with Windows Seven 64 bits. DePopper 4.01 using default settings.

DePopper 4 has new improvements:

Better compatibility with high resolution screens.

Improved compatibility with some defective audio files.

New Advanced Options screens, specifically created for screen reader users (it only appears to these users).

Optional automatic version check.

New and faster 64-bit release for Windows 7 x64 now available

WAV files with 16/24/32 bits integer formats and 32/64 float formats are now internally supported, with full precision.

Zipped HTML log file (text mode also available). DePopper writes the log file to the destination directory by default, as the destination directory is always write-enabled.

PDF manual fully redesigned for better compatibility with screen readers. Pictures are there for those who can see them, but the entire text should be understandable for those who cannot see them.

More "one time" screens, displaying important information when you need it. A "one time" screen is a pop-up that tells you something important at the moment that you need it and offers the option to not display that message anymore. The one time screens can be reactivated, if necessary, by using Advanced Options.

Changes for better compatibility with Mac-based Windows.

Optional old DePopper 2 wav format output, for compatibilty with older software.

Improved 50/60 Hz hum removal, allowing to remove all hum harmonics instead of only the first ones.

Even more improved center channel extraction (Stereo Modifiers option), for cleaning pops and some noise from mono sources recorded with stereo equipment. This option can also be used for extracting center sounds and vocals from old stereo recordings, for later remix with newer instruments (remix must be done by a third-party software).

Optionally, DePopper 4 can now display the name of the currently selected preset on the top bar of the main program screen. The user must enable this advanced option to use this feature.

Allows the user to define a notification wav file to play at the end of processing.
(11/17/21 - 12,046 KB)
(11/17/21 - 14,471 KB)
²Speed measured in MB/s, when processing wav files, in a single boot multi-core Win7/x64 computer. DePopper x64 cannot work with 32 bits Windows, even if the computer hardware is capable of 64 bits processing. Like any other 64 bits software, DePopper x64 cannot use 32 bits DirectShow decoders, only 64 bits decoders can be used.
Speed comparison on the same Win7/x64 computer*, processing a test wav file:
If you are a registered user, you can upgrade your program any time by downloading and executing our standard setup file.
In order to keep your registration data working, do not uninstall the previous version. Simply close the previous version, if it is running, and run this setup file. After upgrade, version number on About box should be
DePopper offers two flavors: 32 bits and 64 bits.
If you are using Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10, 32 bits¹, download and install this file:

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E-Mail: software@droidinfo.com.br (second server)
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